C & M Flooring and Construction, LLC - Morgantown, WV

Here at C & M Flooring we have over 18 years of experience in renovation and refinishing. With our extreme attention to detail, Restoration has become one of our specialties.
We and have always had exellent customer service and satisfaction. This is due in large part to how we work with the custom to acheive the best result. We listen to what the customer wants, we explain what we are able to give them up front, and we offer suggestions on how to make the project even better. Plus, we can offer samples!

We use products and methods that are easy on your location as well. For instance, we use blendable stain and fast dry low odor finishes. Our finishes are made by BonaKemi.com. (Traffic is the one we use the most, it is the best on the market currently). We use a dust containment system by Oneidavac.com.

We also offer many other services. We do cabinet installation, tile work, custom trim work, stair cases, and other forms of interior finish work. We can restore flooring, stair cases, trim, doors and other wood works that many would discard as ruined or unrepairable. We like to save history, not replace it.

Give us a call to see how we can help you!